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Innovation, Efficiency and Quality; three key areas that are Slade Industries' focus when dealing with Hazardous Area compliance. EEHA compliance has received increasing focus over the last 25 years with legislative and standard changes driving training and compliance requirements to ensure safe operability of electrical equipment in hazardous work environments. The one thing that has not evolved is the systems used to manage EEHA compliance...until now! 

Slade Industries recognised the need for innovation in this area, resultant of witnessing so many major companies enduring costly, inefficient and poor quality inspection regimes that are all dependent on interpretation of the AS/NZS 60079 set of standards. In order to provide a far more efficient inspection process, Slade Industries has developed SImplEx, a paperless system that not only reduces most of the manual administration tasks; but also aligns inspectors in their interpretation of completing inspections which in turn significantly improves the quality of data that is reviewed for sign-off by client QA and/or Auditors.  

So what could SImplEx mean for our clients?  To put it simply, a quality, traceable, efficient service that saves on time and money.

Working with Slade Industries will be one of the most pleasant contractor experiences you will have, with commercial transparency, quality systems and high employee satisfaction levels which lead to a genuine focus on customer needs.  Our client testimonials say more than we can, so please take the time to read them and give us a call. And have a look at the case study below, to see how we saved one client millions of dollars by using SImplEx.

At Slade Industries our values are what sets us apart from other Instrument and Electrical contractors. Every member of our team is passionate about what they do and we won’t be satisfied unless you are satisfied...And that is why Slade Industries are 'LEADING THE WAY IN EEHA'.


For more detail about how we can assist please view our downloads below.  

Hazardous Areas Services Capability Statement


Hazardous Areas Information Sheet


EEHA Case Study




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