Process Optimisation &           Alarm Rationalisation


With falling commodity prices, many mining and production facilities are wondering how they can maintain profitability. The easy target is for jobs to go, which is sad for all concerned; however did you know that it is quite possible that your largest overhead is one which you may be completely unaware of?

Process operational inefficiencies affect not only production rates (cost of sale), but also plant longevity (maintenance and reliability costs), and end product quality (product grade pricing).

It is not unusual that during times of prosperity, plant and process improvements are made to maximise plant throughput whilst little attention is given to existing plant assets. However as the market falls, these add-ons are maintained without thought to the effects on the whole asset.

Process Optimisation and Alarm Rationalisation provide asset owners with the opportunity to assess exactly how their plant is operating such that a detailed report of faults, bottlenecks, nuisance alarms, control loop effectiveness, parameters and settings can be determined. Once produced the asset owner can pick the ‘low hanging fruit’, and fix the easy faults, whilst also putting a plan in place to rectify ‘big ticket’ items.

As many faults, can have a compounding effect on process efficiency, just rectifying minor cost issues can have a massive impact on decreasing the cost of production.

At Slade Industries we are able to provide highly skilled personnel to identify and rectify these issues. During one assessment, working back from nuisance alarms, we discovered the reason why an offshore platform’s two main compressors were tripping intermittently; which ultimately equated to 7% of production costs or $350k per plant trip. Now that is one easy fix to one massive cost!

By utilising Slade Industries a relatively small investment can pay off big time, or at the very least provide you with surety that your asset is operating at optimum levels. Contact us to find out how we can provide you with this peace of mind.


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