our people are our strength

Slade Industries may be a new name in the industry, but we have evolved from very strong roots.

Slade Industries is the result of the evolution of two companies that combined have serviced the Australian Mining, Oil and Gas, Petroleum and Energy sectors since 1975. IMS Pty. Ltd (Instrument Maintenance Services) and IECCS Pty. Ltd (Instrument & Electrical Construction & Commissioning Specialists) are now part of the newly formed Slade Industries group of companies.

Slade Industries still provides instrument and electrical services in the fields of construction, commissioning and maintenance on power stations, process plants, oil and gas, petroleum refineries, water facilities and more.

Slade Industries strengthens our offering by including a fully multi-discipline approach, including mechanical and operations personnel. We are proud of what we have achieved with IMS and IECCS and are excited about the future as Slade Industries, continuing to grow our capabilities while maintaining our solutions based and client focused approach to all of our projects.